About Share Tawe

SHARETAWE is a project of Swansea Asylum Seekers Support – Charity No: 1175186

Want to know more? Want to help? Contact Share Tawe on 07853 717017 / share.tawe@gmail.com


  • We find accommodation and support in local homes for asylum seekers in desperate need
  • The people we help have been evicted from their accommodation, have no money, and are not allowed to work
  • The Government has said they have exhausted legal channels in their asylum claim, they can no longer be supported by the Home Office, and must return to their country – a terrifying prospect.
  • With a safe place to stay and our experienced support, many go on to prove their right to stay in the UK and build a new life here.
  • We are seeking to create a larger network of supporters – volunteer hosts, fund-raisers, and other volunteers


  • We interview and take up references on both guests and hosts. We monitor placements carefully.
  • Careful placements. We accept that we cannot place everyone who needs us. We aim for a good match between guest and household, considering, for example, gender, family composition and general compatibility.
  • Hosts meet guests before placement – and we advise them to promise just a few days at first, so that they get to know someone before having them for any length of time.
  • Our ultimate aim is to have enough hosts so that we can offer a break to each hosting family after a maximum of 6 months. 
  • Experienced hosts sometimes host a new guest before placement elsewhere
  • We offer support for hosts and guests, and help households find a way of hosting that suits how they want to live.


£80 will buy a monthly bus ticket for guests living outside the city centre to help them go to necessary appointments, to volunteer and access drop ins, English classes, and simply live an independent life. When funds allow, we pay up to £40 as a contribution to host food and utilities. Donations to help us with this are really helpful


  • We hosted 4 women and 4 men during the year from 5 different countries. At the beginning of lock down there were 5 people in the scheme. Thanks to their hosts and two kind offers of empty holiday property we have been able to look after them and also an ex-Share Tawe guest returning to Swansea.
  • It is a tribute to the quality of our guests and hosts, that four households have lived together very happily during lock down, and that the empty properties have been beautifully looked after by our guests.
  • We have continued to support hosts and guests by phone, and ensure guests are linked to legal advice and support. One guest achieved leave to remain in 2020, and one we hope is nearly there. Others have lawyers working on their case.


We had fewer hosts than usual in 2020. Because of the pandemic, the UK and Welsh Government have worked to prevent street homelessness. This has meant that almost nobody has been evicted from Home Office Accommodation – certainly in Wales. Also, there is financial support to house people if they become homeless.

  • However, a lot of people could become homeless in the early summer of this year and we will need more hosts.
  • Welsh Government funding has enabled us to work with an experienced communications expert to spread the word about Share Tawe.
  • OUR VISION IS FOR A BIG SAFETY NET – made up of people who will offer short- and long-term placements – and make sure that no asylum seekers in Swansea will be sleeping on the streets.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? You could:

  • Consider hosting yourself – or with a small group of friends. Hosting can be long or short term; a guest can be “a part of the family” or a welcome, non-paying lodger, simply receiving bed and breakfast and occasional meals. We discuss privacy, safeguarding and much more.
  • People love hosting –but we know it does not suit everyone. There are many other ways to help.
  • Why not “dip your toe in the water”. Get in touch with us and find out more. I f you decide it’s not for you we will not pressurise you.
  • Contact us on 07853 717017 or vol.sbassg@gmail.com and we will invite you to a workshop or just have a chat.

March 2021